Nik Collection annoying with pop up for "update"

On startup the program annoys with unnecessary and wrong information about an alleged update which is in reality an upgrade. If you then click on update, you will be taken to the website to buy the update that is now an upgrade. What is this nonsense. That’s why I’m now blocking the Nik Collection with Little Snitch.
The way DXO tries to force the upgrade on you is more than annoying.

Translation from German

Nik Collection - Update available

New version available (Build

Would you like to download this new version now?

Later - Install now


In my opinion the only thing missing is a checkbox « do not ask again ».

Maybe we can ask nicely for DxO to add it ? @DxOStaffPO


The pop up is totally inappropriate. Concur with Marc. Okay to see it once while launching the program, post-upgrade availability. After that, allow us to permanently dismiss.


A year later and it is still happening. As aptly pointed out, this popup for an “update” is actually advertising for an “upgrade” and totally inappropriate.

I’ve updated DxO when I certainly didn’t need to and bought the Nik suite when it did nothing more than the one I had, all in an attempt to support their effort. This is how loyality is rewarded? This is just so wrong.

As a long time DxO user and a very longtime Nik user, the popup is very annoying, but I am most disappointed with the marketing mentality that thought this was a good idea! Makes me question my continued support of a company that embraces these values.

There is a good deal of competition so plenty to choose from…


This is not only annoying, but it’s freezing my Photoshop when I interact with the pop-up window while the image is loading.
When that happened, the only way I found to get back control of my Photoshop again is killing the whole thing and losing all my work.
This is a nightmare.


Well, that isn’t good! Have you reported that to Adobe support? Or DxO support?

Completely ruins the flow of editing, when I open a plugin I want to use it, not see you shame me for not having the newest, useless upgrade.

We’re going to downgrade to Nik Collection 2 and see if the message goes away. We’ve bought every update since Nik was re-introduced, but these scummy tactics are going to turn us off the company.

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Downgrading won’t help, see my post and the one before it, in this thread: