Nik Collection and Optical Modules

After processing in Nik Collection, the TIFF file reports that the optical module is missing. Why is this happening?2020-10-23_16-01-19

Here’s my guess, Alex;

  • You’ve downloaded an appropriate Optics Module for your RAW file, and it was used in the rendering of the TIFF that you passed to Nik.
  • Now, PL encounters the TIFF for which it does not have the RGB version of the Optics Module - so, it advises that you need to download it.

Is that it? If so then you can ignore this request, because Optics corrections were applied to the RAW.

HTH - John M

Hello Alex,

It happens because NIK app removes some necessary lens data when saving in TIFF format.

Svetlana G.


Of course, I’ll ignore it.

The answer is exhaustive. Thank you.

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