Nik Collection alone?

I want to buy Nik collection but alone. I have Photolab 3 and i don’t want to have too Photolab 2 !
Is it possible ?


It may still be possible to download the free Nik Collection by Google.
Otherwise, there are download sites that still offer it (for free).
This is of course the pre-DXO version, without the changes and improvements made since then.

Hello Eric,

it should not be problem to download the Nik-collection. In case the installer automatically installs PL2 it will be side by side with PL3 (as fas as I know you can opt-out of installing PL2 anyway during the installation process) Just delete Pl2 afterwards.

… or not to instal it.
The installation procedure ask you in a second time.
Cancel it :wink:



You don’t have to install PhotoLab Essential 2 when you install the Nik Collection. And it is included in with the Nik Collection for no additional cost. Remember PhotoLab 2 Essential sold for $129 USD on its own.


Thanks all for your answers