Nik Collection 7 crashes my Mac (Kernel Panic)

Hello everybody, since upgrading from Nik Collection 6.6 to 7.0 my mac repeatedly reboots with forced kernel panics when using Presharper or Silver Efex. I did not try the other plugins yet and i never had any problem running version 6.6. on this machine. After installation i noticed that Lightroom still had the Version 6 plugins available so i uninstalled and ran the Nik CleanupTool with success. After that i reinstalled Version 7 but the crashes are still present. I am using mac a studio with apple silicon under MacOs 14.4.1.
Did anyone here have similar issues and found a solution?
Thank you, Christian

Welcome to the forum @Christian

Today, I re-installed Nik Collection versions 6 ands 7 and used apps standalone without any kernel panics, reboots or other issues. 2019 5k iMac with 8 core Intel though. Sonoma 14.5.

Original → SFX7 from Lr, post-processed → SFX7 straight from DPL7

Good morning @platypus , thank you for your hint! I updated to 14.5. There was also a minor update for lightroom which i applied. Now everything looks promising. No more crashes!
I don’t know why it works now, but it works :slight_smile:

Updates can work (in both directions, so there is always some risk involved) and I’m glad to hear it did the job on your Mac.