Nik collection 6

So I delayed to purchase NIK 6. I wanted to upgrade from Ver.4.
DXO says they will not sell me a serial number for NIK 6. I do not want NIK 7.

With that, is there anyone wanting to sell their NIK 6 serial number?

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Any one who does that will be braking the terms of the Nik Collection EULA. Read the highlighted area in section 2.2 a.

"2.2 Except for the limited rights mentioned in Section 2.1, you are not granted any right on the Software and, in particular, you agree you will not:

(a) make available or distribute all or part of the Software or Documentation to any third party whether by assignment, sub-license or by any other means; "

You may find someone who is willing to sell you a license anyway, but if you can’t get it to work for any reason, you are on your own.


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[fyi - looking to “buy” the ver. 6 - if that wasn’t clear - like in ‘buying’ someone else’s purchase that doesn’t want it anymore]

I know what you meant but it is absolutely not "like in buying’ someone else’s purchase that doesn’t want it anymore".

No user can legally sell you their license for the Nik Collection because no one actually has ownership rights to it. All that we purchase is a license to use it which comes with a number of limitations. By activating the software we are all agreeing to the licensing indicated in the EULA, (End-User License Agreement), which becomes a binding contract. One of those limitations, which I mentioned in my previous post, expressly prohibits transfer of the license to a third party in any way.

That may not prevent someone from violating the EULA and selling a copy of their Nik Collection 6 software and license to you, but you won’t own the software anymore than they did.

“The Nik Collection 6 can be activated on up to three personal computers at once, but it can’t be run on more than one computer at a time”. Depending on how many times the license holder installed it you may be prevented from activating it. You also would not be able to use that version to get upgrade pricing for a Nik 7 or Nik 8.

Even if you are successful getting DxO to accept the activation code when you enter it, you possibly won’t be able to get any support from them. If they discover that you are not the actual license holder of that copy they will attempt to disable it. They take violations of the EULA seriously. Proceed at your own risk.