Nik collection 6 won't start in Sonoma

Analog Efex
Color Efex

Perspective is working fine
closing automatically right after the start. What to do?

Are you already on Sonoma 14.5? Update just came today. I do not know if that matters, it would just be helpful for other NIK users to help you.

A usual first step is to re-install Nik 6 - supposing that you have a backup of the installer or download the current installer from your shop account.
If you re-install, use the Nik 6 Uninstaller before installing again.

Check system settings to see if you have granted access rights to all Nik apps.
You could also check your drive with the DiskUtility app.

updated now. does not help (

work fine M2 sonoma 14.5
uninstall nik 6 and download a fresh version from your account not from the app. not sure why they wouldn’t work but some does, did you deleted a file or something?