Nik Collection 6 & Photoshop 2022

I just installed the Nik Collection 6 to try and resolve some issues I was having with version 5 after installing Photoshop 2022.
So I downloaded the Nik Cleanup tool and ran it on my iMac. I then ran Mac Cleaner to remove anything which was left and there was still plenty.
So a clean install of Photoshop 2022 and a clean install of Nik Collection 6. I initially installed the Nik Collection into the defaults folder, but when that didn’t work, I have tried using the Photoshop>Plugins folder as well as creating a Google folder under Plugins and trying it in there. The individual apps all run when opened, but the PS plugins all give the following error message regardless of where I had them installed

Any thoughts on what is stopping Nik from syncing correctly with PS 2022?