Nik Collection 6 PDF documentation


May I recall, once again, that software documentation tools allowing to simultaneously produce Web and PDF documentation from a unique source are available on the market. Any technical writer knows that. The Nik Collection documentation is still not available in PDF format. Once again we’ll have to wait months to get it. The PDF format allows to access the documentation offline and that is useful in many circumstances.

I can’t understand this systematic delay between the publication of the web documentation and the release of the PDF version. Don’t tell me it’s created manually after the fact.

Let’s not forget that the PDF should include a directory, the entries of which are linked to the respective pages - and a fairly tolerant search.

…possibly offshored too :wink:

As often: Don’t forget to vote!

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+1 should be automatic for the OP if marked as a request. I can’t imagine not approving my own suggestions.