Nik collection 6 installs 2 times in Affinity Photo


Somehow The last version of the Nik collection 6 installs 2 times in Affinity Photo version 1 and 2.
Uninstalling leafs one version in Affinity Photo behind. Mac OS latest Ventura. 13.5.2 (22G91)

it didn’t install twice, the new Nik 6 just does not remove your previous version.
go in your setting, plugin and click open default folder in finder, there you can remove the old one, not the nik 6 and you’ll have only one set next time you start AP.



Find the currently supported installers with

platypus@imac-2019 ~ $ softwareupdate --list-full-installers
Finding available software
Software Update found the following full installers:
* Title: macOS Sonoma, Version: 14.0, Size: 12555162KiB, Build: 23A344
* Title: macOS Ventura, Version: 13.6, Size: 11657005KiB, Build: 22G120
* Title: macOS Ventura, Version: 13.5.2, Size: 11655353KiB, Build: 22G91
* ...
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Indeed, but I just found that when I install Nik5 first and Nik6 afterwards, that the apps coexist in their respective folders, but that DPL only shows the Nik6 apps.

Lightroom shows both versions though, albeit in a somehow unhappy order:

…and a typo (Nik 6 Vivez, already reported to @StevenL)

… and HDR missing:
Bildschirm 2023-10-11 um 12.10.11
Update: HDR is in Lightroom’s export menu. Unexpected, for me at least.
@mrcrustacean helped me find it.
Did I read the manual? No :person_shrugging:

i’m guilty, i went from nik2 to nik6. i just wanted to wait for them to upgrade the entire collection.

Sounds reasonable. We had many smaller, not-really-worth-the-upgrade iterations to finally get there in version 6.3!

Now, with everything able to also run natively on Apple Silicon Macs, I feel that the Collection is finally where it ought to be.

Wonder, what the next major versions will put on the table.

i think it’s only going to be minor upgrade, like support for the new M3 and maybe a new Windows 12 and of course for new PL version.

unless adding new presets but that’s another story. imo they should for sure create presets, every software has them, but sell them apart from the software. for example get the new 2024 preset collection for PL for only 25$, new preset collection for Nik collection 20$, there’s many people that likes “preset” while their is many that don’t bother and end up with this as a reason why they don’t want to do the upgrade.