Nik Collection 6.5 plugin feature disabled by AVG Tuneup in Windows 10

If you are running Nik Collection 6.5 in PhotoLab 7, and you click on Nik and get the message “Nik is not installed on this PC”. I may have a solution for you. If you are running AVG Tuneup, any version over the past 6 months on your Windows 10 PC, it will disable the plugin function 100% of the time. Your individual apps are unaffected, but your plugins will no longer work. You cannot run the Nik installer to correct the problem. The only choice is to delete Nik completely and then reinstall it.

I have had 2 chats and three phone calls, with AVG, allowing them to control my PC. They have seen the behavior, but not one Support person had any idea for a solution, and two had zero idea what they were seeing.

In the end, there’s but one solution, if you want to keep your plugin function, it’s to not install AVG Tuneup on your Windows 10 PC.

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I’ve been hoping that DXO Developers would have some insight to share on how to get AVG Tuneup to ignore the Plugin feature of Nik Collection 6.5. Hopefully, they will soon offer a fix. I had to get rid of my AVG Tuneup and would have preferred not to. But one must protect one’s assets. There are priorities.

Since the issue is with AVG and not DxO products, it is very unlikely DxO will provide you with insights or any other assistance.


it seem a Windows issue with AVG and not DxO problem. I do run AVG on my MAC and nik run fine, you do have to go in your setting and set it up accordingly as AVG is an antivirus software and like any others… they will block software if you don’t set them up accordingly.