NIK Collection 5

Five days ago, after a 30 day free trial of NIK Collection 4 I decided to buy the suite. I was not aware of the fact that NIK Collection 5 was on the horizon. Then earlier today I received an email from DxO saying that due to the fact that I recently bought NIK Collection 4, DxO would offer me the new version for free. Which is nice, to say the least.

So I downloaded and installed version 5 and gave it a first test run. The only thing that bothered me in version 4 was the lack of speed. I’m on a Mac that meets the system requirements generously and I still had to wait a couple of seconds to see the effect each time I pushed a slider to the left or right in Silver Efex Pro 3. With NIK Collection 5 that seems to be a thing of the past. In my first brief test run I found SEP3 to be far more responsive and direct than SEP3 in Collection 4. Which is very nice.

Thanks DxO, both for the free upgrade and for the improvement in speed of my favourite plug-in.