Nik Collection 5 - HiDPI-Problem with 4k-Monitors still not fixed

Hello dear community,

I have been in contact with DxO support for over 3 years now to solve problems with HiDpi 4K monitors.

Since the introduction of the new GUI, affected modules show only a fraction of the preview images and huge controls at a 4K monitor resolution and a Windows-OS scaling of 200%. The once clear interface has given way to large fragments that you have to scroll all over. Unfortunately, the remaining ColorEfex and AnalogEfex modules, which were the only ones with a clear design in the past, have now also been hit.

Do you feel the same way? Have you also had the experience that the support only advises to try new product releases without addressing this problem? What is your experience with this?

I have the same or similar issue with NIK 5 and a new HP Spectre 16" 3072x1920 OLED display. I am using the collection as a plugin with Photoshop 2022 and Windows 11. Whereas Silver Effex 5, Viveza 3 and Color Effex 5 appear normally, the rest of the collection opens in a small window with tiny unreadable text on the top and sides. Even if I manage to increase the viewing window, the text remains tiny, rendering these apps unusable. It is difficult to believe that DxO, in this day and age, cannot accommodate high res screens. Have you found a solution?

In the meantime, I received a beta version of the presumably upcoming version of the Nik Collection from DxO, in which the problem was solved. The scaling of the controls now matches the scaling set in the operating system. I hope that the update will be rolled out shortly.


Thanks and if you have any new info on the upcoming version of Nik Collection with the new scaling, please let us know!
Thanks again,