Nik Collection 4 with ACDSEE ultimate 2021

I am a french professionnal photographer. I do a lot of real estate, but also weddings and portraits for pro, and landscape for myself.
I use ACDSEE ultimate 2021 as central software (it does quite like lightroom + a small/quick photoshop) and Nik Collection (the google one) associated with it.
On ACDSEE, for example SEP can be used as plugin (we can open SEP in a layer) or as external sofware (for batch processing, so direct on files, not in layers)
I was waiting that DXO add major change on Viveza, SEP and CEP. That is done with Nik 4 !!

Lot of compatibility problem between Nik 4 and ACDSEE :

  • SEP3 is not recognised as plugin (it does not appear on the plugin list). But it works as external soft (i found SEP program file in the “bin” folder)
  • VIVEZA 3 can be opened as plugin but modification are not saved when used on layers. but it works as external soft
  • PERSPECTIVE EFEX is in the plugin list but it doesnt open as plugin. it works as external soft.

I really want to follow the cool evolution of Nik collection but these compatibility issue are too big
Can you help me ?