Nik Collection 4 Upgrade Period

I purchased DxO Photolab 3 on September 27th of last year. DxO released version 4 on October 20th. Almost a full month after and I was able to upgrade to it at no cost. But this software, that I bought only 16 days ago, I’ve been told is not eligible for upgrade unless I pay more money for something I just bought. DxO’s trial software lasts longer than that! For a company that wants to take market share from Adobe, you’re not going to do it with having similarly bad customer service experiences. At minimum, the upgrade timeframe should be at least one month.


I fully agree with you! I had version 2 and downloaded the free trial on May 14th. Liking the product, I upgraded to version 3 the same day. Had I only waited a week, I would have gotten a free upgrade to version 4. Now I am expected to pay EUR 59 for an upgrade which means I will have effectively paid EUR 39 MORE than a NEW customer. Ridicilous, the upgrade timeframe should a least be the same length as the free trial.


Same shit here.
I bought PL4 and NIK-Collection 3 as a NEW customer on May 2nd and just 4 weeks later I should pay EUR 59,- for an upgrade :-(((
Other companies grant full updates within a year after buy. I’m very disappointed too, as customer-suppport told me, that there won’t be any exceptions.
I for my part have decided NOT to update this time, as it is (anyway) not a great breakthrough in my opinion.
I’ll wait for the next or overnext or … upgrade, that’s worth it.

Nevertheless it just feels bad to buy software for ~350 EUR and have an old version after 4 weeks.
Seems they’ve never heard about how to act customer friendly :frowning:



I’m another unhappy customer too. I upgraded on 12 May and les than a month later they issue a new version and expect me to pay again. It’s outrageous but this company is know for this.

I used Nik software for years, ever since Nik had it and through the Google days and then Dxo bought it and shortly after they issued an upgrade which I paid for only to find out there was nothing new and in fact it had more problems than the Google version. I emalled them several times asking them to rectify the issues but they weren’t interested. They clearly wanted to get some immediate cash back from making the purchase from Google and conned lots of users into buying the upgrade which added nothing new so it wasn’t an upgrade at all. That really soured my feelings towards DxO.

They have done very little with the Nik products since but I’m guessing they are running short of cash again as recently I was getting bombarded with emails to upgrade, It had been a long time and I just about got over there previous poor treatment so finally I gave in to the numerous emails and download a trial of version 3. I liked it, I’d always like the Nik software and so on 12 May I upgraded.

In hindsight I see what their game was, con a lot of users by bombarding them with emails about version 3. Get a significant amount of them to pay for the upgrade well knowing that version 4 was coming along shortly and then get them to upgrade again.

Well you’ve conned me one time too many. I’ve already asked you in an email to upgrade me for free to version 4, It was less than a month after all since I upgraded to 3, but you’ve refused. So I’m asking again here, for me and the others in this thread. Treat your customers with some respect! I can guess that we will here nothing, and I’m afraid that is me out, I’m never buying another DxO product again. Con me once, shame on you, con me twice, shame on me.