NIK Collection 4--lens name is deleted from Metadata

I access NIK Collection 4 from DXO-PL4 Elite edition on windows 10 Pro platforms, laptop and desktop. The Tiff file created and saved after processing in a NIK plug in contains only the focal length of the lens. If it is a zoom lens, the specific focal length does appear. The full name of the lens is deleted and does not appear in the NIK.Tif when that file is viewed in DXO-PL4 Metadata panel. The shooting data does appear.

I do not think any preference setting is causing this. Is this something I need to report to Support for research and fixing?

Is there anything I can do on my end?

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I think there is nothing that can be done and of course a good request for the next update.

I had never noticed but I just checked that it is happing for a long time. I could verify that Nik Collection it’s been deleting since it was from Google.

I shoot RAW Nikon and I use Nikon NX-D or DXO Photo Lab 4 to convert to TIFF on Windows. After the conversion the EXIF information is intact, Nik deletes it.

It deletes Lens Model, White Balance Details and Flash Bias from EXIF information, at least.

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