Nik Collection 4.1 NOT WORKING

Hey everyone… I’ve just about had it. Nik 4 has been a disaster for me. I’m on a MacBook Pro, running Big Sur 11.4. Photoshop CC vs 22.4.2.

I haven’t tried all of the modules, but here’s the issues I’ve had so far:

  1. When applying adjustments in ColorEfex- I hit apply and I’m brought back to Photoshop. The filter is not applied, but it does appear in Photoshop’s history. In order to apply the look I set, I must then go to FILTER–> and choose the last filter used at the top, in this case, Colore Efex. The look I set is now applied.

  2. Same issue with Silver Efex.

  3. Viveza crashes when applying adjustments after hitting the apply button. Viveza has not worked for me since Nik 3.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Same here, plus I posted in another thread that square images are cropped to rectangular in the preset previews.