Nik Collection 3 still causing Photoshop to Crash

I am using the Nik Collection 3 with PS version 21.2 on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.15.5.

After opening and editing an image with any of the Nik Plug-ins, then closing the plug in by selecting OK or Cancel will cause PS to immediately crash much of the time. I wold say is crashes 25% of the time if I click OK and 75% of the time if I Cancel.

When will this be fixed, as this behavior carries over from the prior version of the plug-ins.

I can second that behaviour.

I’ve notified the DxO support 18 months ago and the best that they could’ve come up was “we haven’t witness such behaviour on our machines”. I’ve got feeling they don’t want or can’t fix it. Most probably DxO bought the software without knowing about the issue.

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If Photoshop is crashing, what is the reason for believing that the Nik Collection is the broken part of the system? Has anyone examined crash logs or cores to evaluate which piece of the system is crashing and why? Are all software components up-to-date?

Photoshop and my Mac OS are up-to-date, as are my versions of the Nik Collection.

All other plug-ins behave properly in Photoshop. Only the Nik Collection plug-ins cause this crashing behavior.

This is not a new problem, prior versions of the Nik Plug-ins had a tendency to crash PS. This has only occurred since DxO has begun releasing their versions of the Nik Collection. Perhaps this is DxO’s way of encouraging people to switch to PhotoLab (which would be easier to do if the Collection we better integrated into PL).

No one at DxO has ever asked to see my crash logs. I routinely send them to Adobe, as part of the PS crash reporting system