Nik Collection 3 by DxO, 2020-2021 EISA Award for Best Photo Editing Software!

Congratulations to the DxO Nik Collection team !!

Details here.


Absolutely, congratulations to DXO.!!!


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Another well-deserved award for the DXO team! Congratulations to DXO who IMO really does program the very best RAW processing software available. I use it almost exclusively now. If Photolab could add a layers persona, I would be DXO exclusive.

What is a layers persona?

I think it’s a mix of Photoshop and Affinity Photo :rofl:

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Bravo DxO :partying_face: :raised_hands:t3:

I would settle for NIK creating a new layer in Affinity when I use a plugin (like PS does), as I sometimes forget to create one before using the plugin!


do you use Affinity photo? Because there is one question left after some tutorials I’ve watched the last days about NIK.
Using Photoshop they told there is an option to make smart objects or layer (forgot the right term), export to nik, adjust something, save…come back to PS and will be able going back to Nik and continue at the same step you have left in last session.

I have only found an option to do similar things in Affinity publisher

Any idea



Sadly, Affinity photo doesn’t do smart objects. At least not in anyway similar to PS does. Once you have used a plugin on a layer, it is ‘baked in’ to the layer and you cannot revisit the plugin to make changes. You have to delete and start again.

Hopefully that is something (smart objects or similar) that Affinity is working on. Really need something like that to work well with NIK plugins.

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It was just an attempt at a (possibly bad) joke. “Persona” is the jargon used by Affinity Photo for their different processing modules. I was simply taking a little jab at them. :grin:

FYI: Are you aware that it’s possible to save all NIK tool settings (eg. for Color Efex Pro), including Control Point details, within a .np/sidecar file … so that any and all filters applied by CEP can be revisited ?

Details are here

John M

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Cool. I wish it ran on Big Sur!

I wasn’t, but am now, thank you, very helpful :slight_smile:

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Heartfelt congratulations to the team. DxO has rescued and is continuing to evolve an awesome piece of editing software. :clap:t2:

Well done DXO. Makes me what to buy a Nik license…ha ha. Sorry, I just never got into heavy photo editing and manipulation and prefer to focus or subject and composition. But hey, I will give it a try.

Good information thanks for sharing

BRAVO !!! c’est mérité !

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