Nik Collection 2

Seems expensive even with the ‘June Discount’
Very little info available on what the ‘upgrade’ actually adds to the old version - why so secretive

Can’t find out if it can be used on multiple machines, since I have PS/LR on my desktop and laptop it would be nice to know if a single licence for Nik would allow me to use it on both.

According to some posts on youtube, v2 does not change much compared to v1. Definitely new or changed are the “en vogue” name and set of presets

If you’re a new PhotoLab/Nik customer, it’s relatively inexpensive. If you’re upgrading, then yes, it’s more than Nik 1.x cost - but less than Nik used to cost before it was abandoned. I agree, there’s very little incentive to upgrade at this time.

There’s plenty of info - you just have to wade through all the pages and read carefully. (I do think it’s confusing.)

Click on Technical Details. You can activate Nik 2 on up to three devices.

Hope that helps.

40 presets and Efex Plugins now works with HiDPI screens and displays images in native full resolution. that’s the update you get with PL essential version.

The link only really answers on how many computers DPL can be installed. I assume it is the same for the Nik collection thought

That is good to know - however it does raise another question. I didn’t know there was an Essential and an Elite Edition what is the difference both in terms of functionality and price? I can only see one version being offered at £125 (or £89.99 with the June discount).

Thinking about usability: as I’m in Reportage business e.g. weddings and stuff to me it’d be essential to have a thorough batch processing functionality just like in PL where a group of pics or even all in one folder could be assigned to one or many adaptions or even presets as well as local adjustments to achieve e.g. a unified look. Does anybody have experience with this in NIK?

Please be careful in regards to u-points. If you use them for the “Action” they will be placed on every image. There are quite a few videos on that if you google

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Thanks for that Sigi, I am aware about the u-Point complication. And I do not use Photoshop, just Photolab from where I than possibly need to apply a certain preset to many pics.

As far as I know there is no batch possibility yet within DPL in regards to NIK filters

I did batch processing with Output Sharpener by creating a preset and recording the application with Automator on MacOS. Not exactly straight forward and I wouldn’t create a tutorial for it, but it is doable. I let it process roughly 60 files during my lunch break.

Some kind of macro recorder should be available for Windows as well.

The time it took to create the script was probably the same that I would have needed for the manual work. But I hate repetitive tasks and partially I can reuse the work if I ever see the need again.