Nik Collection 2 and Photolabs 2 Essentials removes Photolabs 2 Elite

I am confused. I had just update Photolabs Elite. Then installed Nik Collection 2 and was not paying attention. It then uninstalled Photolabs 2 elite. Can we have an explanation, or perhaps I just missed it…

You have combined Photolabs 2 with Nik collection and not provided an installer for those of use whom already have Photolabs installed.

Please make a separate installer, Nik Collection should be just Nik Collection. It is just too late at night to consider why any developer would choose this method and it fails during the install process after removing your old version… So you end up having to run the installer twice.

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According to my experience, the NIK installer does NOT downgrade DPL elite. The license file for elite is stored on your drive and is left as it is, at least on Mac…

Please check your edition and get in touch with DxO Support if DPL has been downgraded indeed.

Hello Platypus,

No, it does not downgrade the licenses it uninstalls the old version, then on installing the new version it crashes and then you have to start the install process again. After the Nik Collection 2 installer finally completes, you then have to reinstall the 2.3 update if it was installed already. Again, very odd choice of a unified installer. I understand unified installers, and the various ways you could implement it; such as to check to see if it is already installed and skip that particular installer if not required. However that was not the way the developers chose, they chose to initiate an uninstall. With that in mind, it would be less problematic to also offer a Nik Collection 2 only installer.


It’s a bug on your machine configuration.
It doesn’t matter, enter your Elite license number.

Hi Tom, I often rename the app in place before running such installers. This helps unless insallations incluse a lot of things scattered all over your disk. In the case of DPL, the first step is a simple copy. Before opening the new app, I compare it to the old one and then trash to taste. So far, this has worked well.