Nik Cleanup Tool

Has anyone used the Nik Cleanup tool after having problems updating Nik Collection to a new version.

If you mean, which is to be found in the Nik Collection folder, it should be common practice to use this before installing a new version.

Thanks for the info @LesC , because just at the moment I’v tried to install Nik 4.3.6 on my Mac with a still installed 4.3.5
And all the messages are very confusing.
One of the the first messages warns that a still installed version will be removed, and a short while later the install routine says anything with a still installed version with a host blablabla, and to uninstall the old version first.
It’s more crazy than install the 4.3.6 on windows.

And where to find the uninstaller from the old version, to I have to use the old package or???
…ok I got it…thanks

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Nik Cleanup Tool (Win):

Nik Cleanup Tool (Mac):

I looked inside the tool and find that it might not be able to remove all items that have been put on a Mac, specially when multiple user accounts are present and used…


Hi @platypus

thanks for the infos.
But from here on

  1. Uninstall the Nik Collection from your Mac using the uninstaller located in Applications > Nik Collection > Uninstaller. You will likely be prompted to enter your Mac’s password.

the procedure was different in my case
The second step

  1. Then download and unzip the Nik Cleanup Tool from this link and save it to your desktop.

was not necessary, because running the uninstall app deinstall the old version.
I could install the new version without any problem and all is running fine.

And honestly…I don’t really want to type terminal commands or commandlines and any commands, certainly not something I thought would be necessary on Mac.

Now I can start working again :smile:

Sadly, the Nik installer puts many items in many places and a thorough uninstall requires more than running “Uninstall” from the Nik folder and the “Cleanup” tool…

Thanks for the link and the further information (cleanup after uninstall). I have never done that before (I didn’t even know this tool existed), but should I ever need it…

For those on a Mac who have the Find Any File app (FAF): the following brings you pretty close to a complete Nik uninstall. Proceed following the columns starting left and going downwards.

If you’re good at using the CLI “find” command, you can do without FAF.

Caution: This is not a no-brainer.
Check the list of search results carefully before deleting items. The searches work on my installation and your environment is probably different. Do NOT delete items in app packages, use FAF’s filters for better safety. Feel free to modify the search terms as needed.

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Hello everyone,

I use a program named: Revo uninstaller. Works like a charm.