Nik apps crashing affinity

Evening guys, i have been using Nik 6 with affinity 2 with no problems for a while now however i am having some weird problems with it today… When i go to apply a nik application affinity instantly crashes and i lose everything… I have tried numerous different images and various Nik apps, same outcome… I am running Mac M2 and the latest versions of all applications… I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Nik 6 & affinity 2 but nothing has changed, affinity instantly crashes with no warnings or error codes and strangly no crash reports in the Mac console app. I have asked teh same question on the affinity forum but no joy so far… Any advice will be very welcome… Thanks very much… Martin

have you reboot your computer?
AP 2.3.1 and Nik 6 work fine on M2 Sonoma 14.3

Hi Mike, yes I’ve rebooted numerous times now, turned off completely and restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled but it’s still not working. It was working perfectly until today, i haven’t updated anything or changed anything so it’s very strange.
The Nik apps are working correctly if I drag and drop directly into them it just crashes going through the affinity plug ins. It’s strange that there are no crash reports and no trail that I can find.

Thanks for your response, I’ll keep trying.


have you tried nik from PL?
what plugin you have with AP, do you have others than Nik… are the others crashing too?
is AP alone crashing if you just play with some adjustment etc?

check this thread by @Pat91 :

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Hi Mike, no I don’t use P/L but the Nik apps work perfectly standalone, both drag & drop and Cmd O. I only have Nik 6 installed as plug ins although I use Topaz gigapixel ai standalone with no problems. Affinity itself also works faultlessly on its own, the Nik plug ins have only started playing up since yesterday.

Hi Guys, i have managed to solve the issue… It seems i had an old file folder in the default folders which has now been deleted, along with the ‘/‘ from the support folders box and all is now working perfectly again. . I was pointed towards a similar thread on the affinity forum and eventually got the info from that… Relieved is an understatement!!
Thanks very much for your help and advice with this, much appreciated…