Nik 7 Requirements

I’ve got a Mac Pro Trashcan with 64gb of ram, but it seems I may have a problem for the first time with the new products minimum requirements. Specifically, it asks for Ventura 13, while my Mac can not go higher than Monteray 12.7. Does anyone know if I were to upgrade what not having Ventura would mean to my being able to run Nik 7?

From my point of view, the installation would simply stop with an error message. If you want to be sure, just try it. :man_shrugging:

There’s a 30-day free trial, and it doesn’t overlay your current version so what do you have to lose?


Newer macOS versions can be installed on older hardware with OpenCore Legacy Patcher. I’ve come across OCLP on

Find out more about it on GitHub.

I do recommend that you make sure to have at least one working backup before trying OCLP. I usually created bootable backups with carbon copy cloner or superduper.

Thank you, that may be worth a try at some point, too.

I tried the 30-day install and so far it runs fine on Monterey! And it is noticably faster.