Nik 7 problem

Not sure if this is just me since I don’t see any other complaints.
I open an image in NIK 7 silver efex, try a few different canned settings, then with the program switching menu switch to e.g. Analog efex. The image comes up turned 90 degrees, and the previous image that was in Silver efex OVERWRITES without warning the original in my picture files that I started with. TG I had the original also open in Photoshop so it wasn’t lost. But this is pretty terrible and should be fixed immediately.

@PIsaacs ,

When switching from Silver Efex to another plugin (e.g., Analog Efex), the image gets rotated 90 degrees. More importantly, switching plugins overwrites the original image file without any warning.

This is the most likely scenario. There might be a bug in the way Nik Collection handles image data or metadata during plugin switching, causing the rotation and overwriting issues.

Overwriting the original image can lead to permanent data loss if the user doesn’t have backups. This is a critical bug that requires a fix from the software developer (DxO). PIsaacs is right; it should be addressed promptly.

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