Nik 7 HDR Efex Mac export doesn't create tiff's

MacBook Pro, 10 core M1 Max, 64 GB, OS Sonoma 14.5, Lightroom Classic v13.4. Select five Canon R5 .dng images in LR, select File->‘Export with Preset’ menu item, select NIK HDR Efex from export list. LR progress shows image files being duplicated (much too quick). HDR Efex auto-launches but presents error dialog shows all image files as .dng, NOT .tif. Can’t open raw files.

I have inspected the export template and it correctly shows a tiff export file format but no such files can be found. While this might seem to be a LR problem, no other LR extensions have any difficulties making .tiff copies from .dng files.

NOTE: I can manually export these same images as .tif files from LR. The duplicate/save time is considerable, 15-20 seconds for a single image file resulting in a 268 MB .tif file from a 48.7 MB .dng file.

Is my “old” MacBook pro (late 2021) just too slow? But the “export” progress time for 5 images is less than 15 seconds.