NIK 6 Silver Efex and Color Efex: Filter settings not applied in Ps 24.5 as a separate layer

If I opened Color Efex or Silver Efex via the Filter menu in Photoshop the changes are not applied to the picture to a separate layer. When I use the filter via the Selective Tool palette or if I use it to an smart Object everything is working fine.

The other filter, like DFine, Analog Efex and Viveza are working via the Filter menu.
A reinstallation of the Nik Collection doesn’t help.

Win10, Ps 24.5, Nik 6.0.0. Settings applied to separate layer.

Just sent a support request to investigate the same issue impacting CEP6 on macOS.

  • If CEP6 is used on raster content layer and with ‘Use GPU for image processing’ option enabled then the application returns to photoshop without applying the effect.
  • CEP6 is working fine on a raster layer when the ‘Use GPU for image processing’ option isn’t enabled.
  • Also CEP6 is working normal when using Smart Object or as a standalone application, outside of photoshop.

macOS 13.4, PS 24.5.0, Apple M1 Pro