NIK 6 and Affinity

I have been using NIK with Photolab and am changing to Affinity Photo rather than photoshop
I cannot open NIK. This is what I see in settings.
Is this a NIK issue or Affinity issue?

I’m on Mac, but my “Plugin Search Folders” is set to global ( / )


“Unknown” doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t work. This just indicates that Affinity is not in sync with the Nik Collection yet.

Referring to this table

they should work (with the exception of Perspective Efex / Nik 6 Perspective)


What you might try … copy the complete folder with Nik Collection into Plugins and restart AP2.

( please note, I’m still on Nik 5 )

I will try that tonight

Affinity Photo’s manual also contains a few lines on how to set AP to work with plugins.

nik 6 actually install well with AP2, when you open an image and click filter / plaugin, you’ll see all Nik plugin there. the unknow is that Nik doesn’t work as in Ps, there is no going back for further edit.

Actually, if you export from PL as a tiff, then edit said tiff with NIK, (be sure to check the box to allow edits), you can further your work in AP, returning to n NIK where you see your filters. One does need to be intentional with the workflow roadmap once you commit to a tiff. And yes, NIK 6 installed nicely/easily into AP2.

Thank you for your help
I can apply NIK filters from Background images only however, not from AF photo modified images.

Are you applying the NIK plugins to a pixel layer?
Are you seeing the NIK plugins at all? Or are they greyed out?

he’s trying to send an adjustment layer to Nik and not a pixel layer.

that background image like you saying, is a pixel layer, it’s says “background” because it’s your main image you uploaded to AP (you can even change its name). all those adjustment to change/modify you added afterward, are adjustment layer not pixel layer.
you can go in top menu; layer; scroll down and you’ll find = merge visible. this will create another pixel layer with what’s below that adjustment layer.
with photoshop it will create that pixel layer on its own when you send to Nik and when you done and return to Ps you can keep working, if you select that Nik layer and send it back to Nik, the adjustment you did are still there and you can work on again. that is not possible with AP, Nik doesn’t work like it does with Ps within AP, they don’t have the same coding, sad but it is what it is.

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Thank you. This is what I suspected. Again I am new with Affinity and learning, slowly, its nuances.