Nik 5 come with PL6 or PL5?

Nik 5 come with PL6 or PL5?

Deleted original response as @Pat91 corrected my understanding and on re-reading I see I misread your message anyway.

However as per @Pat91 reply yes you do get DPL5 Essential at the very least when buying Nik 5.
As for whether than will become DPL6 or whether the Essential version vs the Elite version would meet your needs you would have to investigate further based on your needs and wants.

DPL Essential 5 comes as a gift with Nik 5. At least in France. Just look at the product page in the online shop. I’m not sure that they extended the offer to DPL Essential 6.

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Indeed it does. I forgot they started including DPL Essential.

Have edited my op.

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Thanks. This is what i meant. But in the product page they don’t write if it’s PL5 or PL 6. - “Free gift: DxO PhotoLab ESSENTIAL, the powerful RAW photo editing software”

While I can’t be 100% certain, it is most likely PhotoLab 5 Essential since DxO is including it at no extra cost. Keep in mind that the Essential version of PhotoLab, regardless of which version it is, is missing the premium features of PhotoLab Elite.