Nik 4 won't install

I have the same problem, I tried to download it several times and also on other PCs. Even as a manager. The installation file will not start. And the support totally ignores me. I want to work, but like when I can’t.


Installer can’t run. Nothing happen after double click.

Win 10 (21H1)
Intel i3-6100
DDR3 24gb
Nvidia GFX 650

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I made a ticket and DxO responded quickly saying they are on it and they will solve the issue asap.
The solution is on the way!


I received a message from support that they were dealing with it.

Me, too.

Windows 10 (20H2)
Intel i9-10885H
Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000

@klasal @Hofver @Eugen @jcoahgne @jhammerstad
There is an issue with supporting some Win OS languages during the installation. It means that for some languages the installation could not start. So if you are not using English, please, try a workaround:

  1. Change OS language to English
  2. Reboot PC
  3. Install Nik 4 (it should be fine)
  4. Chnage OS language to which you used to use

The fix would be in the minor release, but this workaround might help now.

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That might explain why, as an English speaker, I have had no issues installing and using Nik 4 from within PhotoLab 4 Elite on my Windows 10 machine.


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It is a workaround :slight_smile: But not for me. Just fix it asap. No hard feelings.

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Same with me. I unzipped the exe-file with PowerArchiver. There are only data files (0, u1,u2 and so fort). No install or setup executable. Completely different from the nik3 inst-file.

It does not explain my issue. My software is English only.
(DxO does not even have a Finnish language version.)

I hope any correction will arrive asap!

I am not going to do that.
If this is actually the case, this gives me very troubled feelings about the software development.
And making us wait until July for a fix essentially cuts out any non-english Windows user - it that really company policy?

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It is a temporary fix while the bug is being addressed. Change the language to English, install the software, and once installed change the language back to whatever you choose.


Why are we paying to be their Beta Testers?

Seriously, this makes the DXO folks look unprepared, disorganized, and/or incompetent.


I realize that it’s frustrating, but there’s no need to get nasty. They’re working on it and will get the fix to you as soon as is humanly possible.

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You are not expected to be a beta tester. It’s new software and they discovered a bug which they are addressing. All software by every vendor has bugs that were not caught during testing. It’s a fact of life. You can either try the work around to get Nik up and running now or you can wait for an official fix. Its up to you.


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Oh, come on… It’s a bug, sure. But bugs that occur in installation and activation should be caught in beta testing or earlier. Seriously, isn’t that a major part of what Beta Testing is for.

Also, I have a separate and distinct problem from the one discussed above. I purchased the upgrade to FX4. My account info shows the invoice and order numbers for that purchase. But the My Software section is inexplicably unaware of that fact. It keeps trying to sell me an upgrade that I have already purchased. And, just to make things really fun, I’ve received no activation codes - by email or on the site. The confirmation email even states expressly, right at the top, that the activation codes are below, in the body of the email… but they’re not.

Again, these are the types of issues that should be caught well before an official, major upgrade release. (Which also turns out not to be such a major upgrade, since many of the apps within the suite are unchanged and untouched, still suffering from longstanding bugs that should be relatively easy to fix.)

Suddenly, I’m unable to log in to the main site. Whenever I try, it says, “The account sign-in was incorrect or your account is disabled temporarily. Please wait and try again later.”

I’m fairly confident that my password manager did not suddenly forget my password, so should I take it that my account has been disabled? WTF is going on here?

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“…there’s no need to get nasty…”

I’m not being “nasty.” I’m merely the bringer of bad news. I mean, I want all of this to work like it should. Or, if issues arise, I want to see prompt replies from people who are working on those problems. When those things happen, it fosters confidence in customers that things are being well-run at this company.

And when those things don’t happen…

When you roll out a major release, only to have lots of people unable to properly use your software due to issues that absolutely should’ve been caught long before release day, then it doesn’t look good from the outside.

It looks like corners are being cut; robust beta testing is being put off (or cancelled?); lots of money being rushed into promoting the release, instead of taking the time to really get it right.

Those sorts of things simply do not inspire confidence in (potential) customers that matters will be promptly and vigorously dealt with.

Not trying to be “nasty.”

Just being honest.

I’d much rather be able to say that everything was running smoothly and that the improvements were even better than I’d hoped.

But. That. Is. Simply. Not. The. Case.

Welcome to the forum, Matt.

I’m as confident as I can be that this is certainly not the case - I’ve never found DxO to be vindictive … on the contrary, they go out of their way to solve all serious issues - and I am confident they’re working on a solution to this problem, as it impacts you, as we “speak”.

I just encourage you to “hang in there” …

John M

PS. Another thought, in case it’s not clear: This is a user forum - tho, it is monitored by DxO staff … but, for specific DxO support, see here.


I’m sorry, but I found one bug after installation. After switching back to the Czech language, the icons on the control panel began to disappear. I had to give a restore point before installing and it was fixed. Something has changed during the change and the same installation. So I had to uninstall it and drop it. I’ll wait for the right file. You should extend the upgrade action until the end of the correct release. How do I buy i

I just did that…for DXO!

So…i downloaded the trial install exe again…and…

So this whole DXO thing is a joke (+a piece of shit)… :man_shrugging: