Nik 4 - Silver Efex - Improve Zone System

In Silver Efex Pro 3, the Zone System is visible now without hovering over the histogram like in SEP 2
– very nice!

And it could be better (= useful), if the activation checkmark
Screen Shot 06-05-21 at 11.07 AM

would make it permanently visible, while in use,
as for now it slips out of sight, when adjusting the sliders & control points.

Hi Wolfgang,

If you click on the zone “boxes”, rather than just hover over them, they will do just as you request …
image … You can also fix the loupe’s focus via the little “pin” icon/button.

John M

Hi @John-M,
sure, I mark up those zones I want to see ‘permanently’ and hover over the ‘temporarily’ ones.

But, while SEP 2 shows the part with the zone boxes permanently (if active), in SEP 3 the zone boxes
slip out of sight, when adjusting the settings.
– To be more precise, after positioning the zone boxes carefully at the top of the screen, the global silders are visible, but the moment you add selectiv adjustments (control points), ClearView and / or Colour Filters, the zone boxes slip away.

Instead, the checkmark could activate the Zone System and fix the position at the same time
(not annoying otherwise).
– When highlighting the zones, there is no need for the loupe (see SEP 2).


Ah - OK … Seems I misunderstood your request, Wolfgang.


After ‘playing’ with FilmPack standalone (always used the embedded version),
I realised that histogram / navigator always stay on top, when activated.

Screen Shot 07-31-21 at 07.27 PM
FP5 Elite / v5.5.27

SEP3 also could have inherited this functionality,
so that the zone system indicator wouldn’t disappear when scrolling down the panel …

Screen Shot 08-01-21 at 11.46 AM
SEP3 / Nik

BTW, also easier to read & handle in FP5 …
SEP3: Please make the labeling of the tools (right panel collapsed) readable - #6 by Wolfgang

please see further …