Nik 4 Refund Policy--Trail/Activation?

I upgraded from Nik 3 to Nik 4 a few days ago. I could not get the Nik 4 trial to install over my current registered Nik 3 so had to purchase the upgrade and use the activation code. After spending a few days trying it out it’s obviously not much of an upgrade at all. Couple of tweaks here and and UI changes to two modules. It feels like a company money grab to me. Because of this I would like to get a refund and wait for an real upgrade and not just an update. However, when I looked at the Nik refund policy it says it will refund within 14 days of purchase provided the the software has not been activated. In my case a Catch-22 because I could not trial without the activation code being used and now cannot get a refund because I activated in order to trial the software. Anybody else have this issue? I sent in a ticket to support and am waiting for a reply.

Buyer beware. As you found out, once you buy a license and activate it, you’re no longer using the software on a trial basis. Best wishes while you try to get a refund, though I think you’ll end up having to accept the situation.

Whether you’re downloading a trial or downloading what you’ve purchased, it’s the exact same software. Only the activation code is different - so I’ve no idea why a trial activation wouldn’t work, unless your first download was corrupted (that can happen quite easily) and you downloaded the software again after purchasing your license. Or you started a trial more than 30 days ago and then tried to start a new trial.

More information would help, too. What went wrong and what did you see? Are you running Nik 4 in MacOS or Windows, and in which version of it?

No idea because there were no error messages. Install just wouldn’t complete. I did the download only 4 days ago on September 15. I agree I may be stuck with it which is a bummer. I will be hesitant to upgrade Nik again unless there is a significant improvement in the product and not just a minor tweak here and there. Guess I’ll wait and see what they say about the refund.

DxO CS said no go on a refund and referred me to their policy. Oh, well. I will just need to be more careful next time. Live and learn.