Nik 4 is disappointing with Capture 1

Nik 4 Collection is no more working with Capture 1.
Impossible to get changes in C1 after edition in SilverEfex
This is a regression compared to Nik 3 Collection. It was working !
DxO says they do no support C1.
This is highly disappointing.

I absolutely agree Ron35. Currently, I use DXO products, PL4, and the Nik collection. In addition, I use Capture One. Like a carpenter, various tools are useful in different jobs when photo-editing. I’m afraid I will not be upgrading to PL5 when it’s released and will roll back to Nik 3.

Unless there are technical reasons that Nik 4 doesn’t play nice with Capture One, I hope DXO reconsiders their business strategy and corrects this issue. I’d love to continue using and upgrading my DXO products but not at the expense of giving up Capture One.

Don’t forget that we can always test DxO’s products for free.
This gives us the opportunity to test thoroughly before buying.

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I agree with @platypus regarding the 30 day free trial.

Code changes that prevents the Nik Collection 4 from running in a variety of scenarios in which Nik 3 worked must be very frustrating to all those it is affecting. I hope thar DXO will be able to to rectify these issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

However, it continues to surprise me how many people have purchased the Nik Collection 4 without bothering to trial it first, not only to determine whether it will work with their current setup, but also whether the new functionality is worth the cost of an upgrade to them.

While I would expect a new version of the Nik Collection to work with DXO’s own Photolab 4, how well it works with third-party software, especially software that is not officially supported, is always potentially problematic.


mwsilvers…“However, it continues to surprise me how many people have purchased the Nik Collection 4 without bothering to trial it first, not only to determine whether it will work with their current setup…”

Your point is a valid one Mark.

I’d add that it surprises me when companies do not note compatibility changes just as it would if there were computer requirement changes from a previous version.

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The Nik Collection is designed and advertised as a set of plug-ins. The more major RAW developers and editors it can communicate with, the better. That the new plug-ins in Nik 4 have introduced incompatibilities that weren’t there before isn’t good. DxO should be clear about such changes - for example, whether or not compatibility is going to be restored, what their vision for Nik as a plug-in suite is from here on… All I can say is that when I go to and select the Nik Collection to read about it, I don’t get a clue what Nik is supposed to “plug in” to. Selecting the individual plug-ins for further reading doesn’t help me. Going to Explore → About Nik Collection finally tells me the collection plugs in to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. DxO is missing some opportunities here.

I criticize DxO here because I want them to succeed. I know they are innovators and that they are listening to customer comments, so I’m optimistic. But this has been a terrible roll-out experience for some and I would be very slow to blame customers.


It is certainly unfortunate that the current version doesn’t seem to work properly with Capture 1 even though the Nik collection 3 did. It is my understanding that using the collection with Capture 1 is not, and was not in the past, officially supported.

It seems to me though that DXO should have investigated whether the various software titles that have generally been used with the Nik collection 3 would continue to work with the new version even if they’re not officially supported.

Frustrating an existing portion of its Nik user base and limiting the growth of that base because Nik 4 no longer works with their processor of choice, unsupported or not, was probably a poor marketing decision.


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As for using Nik4 as plug-ins for C1, I see that C1 does all the necessary things and that

  • any of the Nik modules I tested can be opened as a plug-in
  • any of the Nik plug-ins I tested worked as expected
  • BUT none of the plug-ins I tested applied the changes I did with them

Another forum has highlighted the possibility that the V4 plugins will look to see if C1 or ON1 is running and alter their respective behaviours, a hex dump of the code has some odd components in them.

fully agree with Ron35. This is very disapointing especially because it seems to me to be a trivial problem and not a major incompatibility (not all plugins are affected)… hope they’ll fix it even is Capture one is officially not supported.

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The reason for me is that first I trusted DxO (my fault entirely) to notify me if that past compatibility is changing. The 2nd is you cannot install Nik4 alongside Nik3 to my knowledge.

Nik4 is banaware to me, I asked for a refund to no avail, I have not had responses from support on how to get Nik4 working.

It is simple to say “we do not support C1”. That is not the ask. Even in standalone mode it does not work when C1 is only open.

So they have my money. They will not give it back. They do not have my trust or my endorsement. I moved back to Nik3 but the good thing is that many online magazines are now looking at the issues and it is running hot in some other forums as well.

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I totally agree with you. Nik 4 also will not work with the application that I have used it with for over a decade, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Nik 3 and all previous versions worked fine with CorelDRAW GS.

Interestingly, I did get a quick response from DxO. I was told that they won’t support CorelDRAW (which is a professional industry standard software suite, especially for sign and logo designers, and T-shirt printers), but I should contact Corel to see if they can make the version 4 Nik plugins work.This seems like a classic case of passing the buck to me.

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With Nik Colletion 3 I had no problem with Silver Efex, but with version 4 it no longer works. I think that it is a bad commercial policy to subtract instead of add, not only because of losing customers, but that they pass to the competition - that is, the competition will add - because there are other applications or similar filters, or else we will not update to the new version . I hope that DxO reflects and attracts a part of the users and gives us joy.

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Nik C 4 doesnt work here either with C 1 21 - edited images not saved, reverted to Nik 3, SEFX 3 to 2, wich works (Mac user). Disappointment. Cant waste time. Wish DXO would incorporate version numbers in the download file name.

My experience with DXO customer services prior is frustrating, could be me, and the way I tell em, but I think corporately and operationally DXO would be a better comapny if they were transparent (pricing policy ’ Up to 30% off for upgrades’ - did any one get 30%? and what was the criteria?. and transparent; respond to users (stakeholders) frustration. Yes I know we can try before we buy, but a company should not bring product to market that is as buggy as this. BTW everytime I launch SEFX 2 now I get an update message that causes the programme to freeze, neccesitating ‘force quit’ Pip Pip


I’ve avoided Nik 4 entirely (despite having paid for all previous versions) after hearing how poorly it plays with other applications. A real step backwards for Nik and DxO. Interoperability is a key feature for minor players in a big market. I’m not sure why DxO management is behaving as if they are Adobe or Microsoft in terms of setting absurd system requirements (latest two versions) and in terms of making their applications incapable of playing well with C1 or Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Compatibility with others should be one of their top priorities to keep the door open to potential customers.

Thank you to those who shared the nightmare and saved others the pain.