Nik 3 Perspective Efex vs DxO ViewPoint

Since I have DxO PL3 and ViewPoint, why would I want to spend money on the Nik 3 upgrade when, as far as I can see, the major new feature is the new Perspective Efex plugin?


…the real news for you is the “amazing non-destructive workflow” which works with TIFFs only,
check this out:

Here’s the link to the support information for Nik 3:

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At first glance the update does not look very impressive, especially if Viewpoint is already in the suite of apps we have (I already have Viewpoint). I was a little sceptical at first also.

BUT…as Platypus says the non destructive aspect is not to be sniffed at, after trying it seems to work well in my trials so far. The other thing to think about is workflow. In my view there is something to be said for having a consistent workflow and I think the addition of Perspective Efex into the Nik stable helps with that.

I purchased the update as I think the non destructive aspect will be helpful, and I am finding the workflow consistency aspect an unexpected but welcome bonus.

I would have liked to have seen a more consistent approach to window scaling and a general refactoring of the Nik tools to have the same look and feel. Not in this update though, hey ho.

Do you not have to qualify that by making it clear that you need Adobe Lightroom, which I don’t have, to benefit from this feature? Reviews also say this feature does not work with Affinity Photo, which I do have. Or have I misunderstood the reviews?


Here is a link to the guide on non-destructive editing when launching Nik Collection 3 from PhotoLab that @platypus posted earlier. It also indicates which software will and won’t work, and as you’ve found it, it does not work with Affinity.


Thanks, seems I had at least partially misunderstood this feature.