NIK 3 Perspective Efex used from DXO PL3--No Save box

I have started ti use Perspective Efex (NIK Collection 3) from DXO PL3 on my windows 10 Pro desktop. When I went to save my Tiff file with the changes made in Perspective Efex, I noticed that there is no Cancel Save box in the bottom right to click on.

I did save the Tiff file y using the top task bar by clocking on File, Save As and a file folder was shown. However it was not the file folder that contained the original RAW (NEF) image. I changed the file folder so the Tiff could be saved in the same folder as the original raw file.

I noticed on today’s webinar on Perspective Effects, when used from Photoshop or Lightroom, the Save box appears and was used by Dan Hughes to save the Tiff file. (The DXO Moderator asked me to bring my questions yo your attention here.)

Is this a bug in DXO PL3?

Also I could not determine if Perspective Effects can be used in stand alone mode as most of the other NIK plug ins. I tried to set up a shortcut on my desktop like I have done for the other NIK plugins but I do not think it works kike the others.

Having all of the NIK plug ins to work as stand alones is a feature I really want as I am not a user of Lightroom or Photoshop.

Thanks, Joe

I have just tested this and it works. I launched the C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection\Perspective Efex\Perspective Efex (64-Bit)\PerspectiveEfex.exe executable and could load a file from the standalone runnng app.

Perspective Efex is essentially a copy of DXO’S Viewpoint 3 software but without the licensing that makes the Viewpoint palette visible within PhotoLab so you can change perspective directly to your raw files.

Perspective Efex looks and works exactly the same way as the standalone version of Viewpoint. If you type Perspective Efex into your Windows 10 start menu you will find it and will be able to run it as a separate application. It also can be run from the Nik Collection plug-in selector which you already know.

Because Perspective Efex is just a copy of a preexisting program from DXO, its overall design is different than any of the other Nik programs which were designed years ago by a different company. A few design modifications including save/cancel buttons were apparently added to make the plug-in compatible with Lightroom and Photoshop but DXO obviously did not feel they were needed for the version run from within PhotoLab. I hope this helps.


The “Save As” button in the upper left corner works exactly the same way as the “Save” in the lower right corner. Just a different icon and location is all.
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Thanks Patrick, I will try to do the same thing today.

For others who are using Perspective Effects in NIK Collection 3 launched from DXO PL3 on a Windows 10 computer, DXO Support has confirmed that the SAVE box in the lower right portion of the screen does NOT appear. To Save your Tiff file from Perspectives Effects, you have to click on an icon (it looks like a symbol for a port) near the left side of the TOP Toolbar. This will allow you to save the file. You will have to enter the exact file folder where you want the tiff file to go as the Plug In does NOT automatically choose the file folder where the original image is located.

All of the webinars I have been on have launched Perspective Effects from Lightroom or Photoshop. In these situations the Save box does appear at the bottom right of the screen, like in other NIK plug ins.