NIK 3 disappeared from Photolab 4

I tried to open NIK from DX0 Photolab 4 this morning. NIK selection is ghosted out. This is the first time it has happened. Did I accidently delete NIK 3 ?? Where should NIK 3 be located?

many thanks,

If you just installed into the default folder: C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection.

There you should see the 8 subfolders for the modules (like Dfine 2), an ‘activation tool’ and ‘Uninstall Nik Collection’.

thanks, I did a reinstall.

Hi, I don’t have an ‘Uninstall Nik Collection’ in my Nik collection folder. Would a normal Windows uninstall work just as well? (Windows 10 64bit)


Yes, go to ‘Apps and Features’ (if it’s called like this – I’m on a German version) and uninstall from there.

Thanks Wolfgang. It worked a treat.