Nik 3.3 Brush Tool

I might be missing something here, but after selecting the plugin Nik opens and sets up a new layer in Ps and the edit goes as expected. If I select the brush tool the layer is inverted and Nik hands me off to the brush tool. Using the brush tool I can brush in the areas I want. All that is fine, but when I hit apply it merges the layers down so there is no going back. If I do not use the brush tool it saves the layers. The brush tool is not available when working in a smart object.

There also seems to be a bug in that on some occasions Ps opens without displaying the Nik tool bar. I need to test more but I think it is after using the brush tool

Solved - user error. The way the layer behaves when using the brush can be controlled in the Nik brush preferences.

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I have the same problem after the latest update 3.3
it does not work even if I change the preferences in Nik brush

I also can not get PS to open the NIK toolbar on startup. I’ve tried toggling the setting checkbox, starting PS stanalone (as opposed to from LR which I usually do), and a few other variations. On occassion, the toolbar appears on PS startup, but not often. Never repeatable.