Nik 2 concerns

I have a W10 machine with PSE9 and the free Google Nik installed. These apps are 32 bit and compatible.

However, if PL 3 is installed, and DXO Nik added, the Google NIK is overwritten rendering PSE without the Google Nik. But, if DXO NIK is not installed in PL3, Google Nik appears to be shared with PL3.

It’s a way to have PL3 with free Nik.

Will Nik 2 behave in the same manner?

Hello Jim,

Google Nik is still supported by PL2 and PL3. As for NIK Collection by DxO - no matter if it’s version 1 or 2, it’s 64bit -> it goes without saying that they will be supported by any version of PL (2 or 3) but 32bit PSE won’t work with them.

Svetlana G.

Sorry to hijack the topic, @sgospodarenko, can you please tell me where I can still download the free version? It appears that I can’t find the download link on DXO’s site…


It’s here -

Svetlana G.

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