Night photography - autocorrect moving stars

Night photography - autocorrect moving stars.

I just saw this excellent video:

Stars are always going to move. To avoid the movement from being too visible, star trails, the shutter-speed has to be so low that the ISO has to come up. That again creates other problems. Stars are supposed to be points. Photolab should be able to detect stars, or the user can “point out” the area containing stars. The user can “click” on the center of the star. Photolab can then remove the trail. Another way to do this is for the user to take a picture with a short shutter speed with a high iso. Then take a picture with low iso and longer shutter speed. Photolab uses the first photo to get an indication of where the stars are, compares this with the second photo, and removes the light in the second photo that is not present in the first high-iso photo. The user can also align the two pictures the way he wants. That way decide what are trails and what are not before he clicks execute in PL.

Très cool, n’est pas?! :grin:

More info on moving stars: