Nice feature appeert to me didn't realized it was connected

I made a new workflow approach , build on free or nearly free applications, towards my main developer DxOPL.(which isn’t free but it’s the most important unit in the workflow)
first i use FRV to cull all rubbish out the folders then i open Bridge to add keywords and other IPTC data if needed and then i open DxOPL and here come 's the need trick:
movie about the connection

only one thing is odd, it doesn’t apply my general preset i normally get when i am selecting a folder for the first time. never mind the update to v3.3 didn’t applied my preverences any more.

bug? on purpose?

Tried again command “open” in Bridge and DxOPl responded:
in library you see the entries:

i change my default preset and now it opens in my own preset.

i can delete external selections out the history list so it seems to me i can create external “projects” from selections i made in Bridge.

I have a question about this:
what happens if i export a proccesed file does it return to Bridge or do i need to export towards application?

exported to disk and open via Bridge a new set of images i like to process and plop those are in the filmstrip! :slight_smile:
i have to test this more when i use filters in search modes in Bridge but it seems i can use the “DAM” functionality of Bridge if i want or need side by side of DxOPL, Just select and “open” in Bridge and they appear in the filmstrip ready to edit…


Peter, this info is stored in the user config. Maybe it’s been removed and the app suggested you the default one?

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

Don’t know, i opend v3.2 and it suggested a update, so i downloaded it and closed PL, installed and opened again to see what’s changed.

Then i because i used “open” in Bridge, i noticed the Br list on the left lower corner. What was new to me. :blush:
Then i noticed my default preset wasn’t used. Investigating why lead me to the preferences settings. Which was set back to default. I think because there are some (one at least: xmp preserve… ) new entry’s added in the window, and maybe that triggerd to lose connection to the user info.
Not big issue. Set it back to mine done.

I must say i like this feature of external list.
Did export as usual and not send back to application but i think that is possible too.

Thinking out of the box, if “Bridge” was the “Library-tab” the DxO-DAM is complete.:blush: (i mean it’s xmp editing, keywordingstorage and IPTC outside DB, much of filter search possibility’s, long list of file to application connection as in where to go if i call “open”. Good showcase how to proceed.)
I need to do more work with this to see how well they play together but first glance is good.

Until DxOPL’s own xmp IPTC editing and such is catching up with this it’s a good alterative for home users who can’t or won’t pay for PhotoMechanic and other expensive full blown DAM applications.
That’s my angle in this post.:blush: