NIC Collection 6 compatibility with Photolab 6?

What does it mean that Photolab 6.6.1 (the latest version) is said to be “compatible” with NIC Collection 6??? Is it just that it can be started with a button in Customize-Mode?? I can do that with version 3 too. Does it mean that we finally can apply Collection functions on RAW-files directly without ending up in the TIF-file swamp instead?

I just read the upgrades release notes in Photolab for version 6.6.1 and got confused. Has something finally really happened or is it just the common marketing buzz.

Anyone who knows?

Nothing has changed. The Nik Collection compatibility is mentioned for the first time in the PhotoLab 6.6 release notes because it coincided with the release of the new Nik version. They don’t update the release notes of earlier versions, but compatibility has not changed.


Thank you Mark.

Then I can return to my pillow :slight_smile:

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