Newly converted to DxO and have seen the light, but have two questions for you all

Just switched from Lightroom (I know) and there are two options that I used a fair bit, but I cant figure out how or what I need to do them in DxO. Please can help me - ps I only have essential version at the moment.

  1. Add some dark vignetting to an image
  2. Drop the clarity of an image to give that painterly look


Hell @JohnGrindle,

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If you want to add some dark vignetting to an image you need the FilmPack, see
FilmPack can work as a plug-in of PhotoLab, fully integrated to it.

About dropping clarity of an image I’m not sure to understand what you mean.


As @Marie pointed out, FilmPack has a few features you might want to try. You can make things like this:

The screen shows the features of FilmPack as used as a plugin to PhotoLab.

Painterly? Not if you mean visible, brush-like structures.

Hi Marie

Excellent thanks for your reply and I will look at the film pack plugin.

@platypus Dropping clarity, just drops the sharpness and makes the image look like a painting. Like this image, I dropped the clarity by a little to get the effect.

Film pack 5 Elite is not actually a plug-in. The code and palettes are already in PhotoLab 3 Elite, but they are not visible until you purchase a Filmpack 5 Elite license. When you purchase the license you are also entitled to install a stand-alone version of Filmpack 5. Many of us who primarily use Photolab as our processor do not install the stand-alone version and just use the license to unhide the pallets in PhotoLab since all the functionality will be there. The stand-alone version will not work directly on raw files. The unhidden pallets in PhotoLab will work on raw files. This stand alone version can also be used by people who do not use Photolab.


Thanks Mark, but would I need to purchase Elite and then film pack or can I purchase film pack with essential? Cheers John


@JohnGrindle, you can purchase FilmPack with the essential version of PhotoLab.
Essential version of PL is just a version with less possibilities than the Elite. It doesn’t concern functionnalities of the FilmPack.

@mwsilvers the FilmPack stand-alone works with RAW but you won’t have access to some RAW parameters (like denoising sliders and version for example), it will use predefined settings.


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I was not aware of that. Thanks for the update.


That is a great effect. Your image seems reminiscent of the mid-19th century American art movement referred to the *Hudson River School



I would try moving the Microcontrast and Fine Contrast to the left to lower clarity.
Located in the contrast panel.

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Thanks Mark, I will check them out for a few more ideas :slight_smile: Cheers John

Back of the net - that does the trick - thanks Tom