Newbie - side car files and other app's

Running the trial of PL 6 on Mac M2. When I edit JPGs, I save the result along with it’s DOP file. How do I work with these if I want to post the nodified JPG into some other application e.g FB, Instagram, a slideshow creator, etc?

You actually are not editing JPEG files. PhotoLab is non-destructive and all edits are saved to the DOP sidecar, to be combined with the original file when you export the image.

It is the exported file that you post to your social media sites and, after posting the exported file, you can delete it and re-export it the next time you need it.

There is no need to keep the exported files.

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As @Joanna has already said, to use the modified version of your image you must export your image. By default PL will add a ‘_DxO’ suffix to the name fo the exported file but you can change that to what ever you prefer.

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