New version DXO 2

Not very happy with this company. Last week of May they sent emails offering DXO for 25% off and now the new DXO 2 is out and it is the same price… Why try to sell the old version one week before the launch of the new version??? I am been tricked! Now they want another $59 for the newer version one week later!!


No, the 2.3 is free for all owners of photolab 2.

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Oh wow! I didn’t know that! How do I take advantage of that? It looks like I can only buy it when I log in and look in the store…

  • Jon

Sorry, I think it was a misunderstanding from me: today the version 2.3 of DxO photolab was released and this is for free for all DxO photolab 2 owners. But you ment “Nik Collection by DxO”.

I have bought NIK Collection 1 two months ago for 59€ and now I have to pay again 59€ for the Version 2!
I’m angry. This is not the way to be friendly with customers. Is there no grace period?