New update ver. 5.12 bugs

New update to PL5 version 5.12 have “new” bugs winch wasn’t there before

No indication in browser whether the photo is processed
No “overwrite” warning and option when you save a photo that already exist

maybe there are more…

I can not comprehend that. No problem.

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image … Looks fine here ;


John M

hi, same for me, it works as for John. I have regular very annoying freezings , as for 5.1.1 but not the bugs you mention.

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Made a bug report about this.

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I had that problem several years ago, and reinstalling PL did not help. DxO support couldn’t help either.

The problem actually turned out to be some kind of subtle corruption of Win10 on my computer that I could never track down. A reinstall of Win10 fixed it.

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Thankyou all guys for responding
i guess its only at my side - ill try reinstalling PL5

Good morning,

Yes, please check if your Windows is up-to-date and try to reinstall the application.

Svetlana G.

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ok @Wolfgang had his glasses on and non emptied (wile i had it done vice versa no glasses on and a few emptied!! :partying_face:)
And he found the solution:

Credits to Wolfgang!

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