New to DxO PL5. Crashes on export


Thank you for your response. Yes, I have the latest stable driver: 497.29.

I’m experiencing a similar problem. Just updated this morning to the later PL5 version. Program hangs up during export. At first I was exporting 16bit TIF, then I tried 8bit TIF. In every case, a couple of files gets exported and then the program stops responding. I have to use Task Manager to kill the program. Nvidia drivers are also 497.29.
Edit: just tested with jpg, same problem. It exported 4 files and then just stopped.

Windows 10
GTX-1060 6GB
Edited to attach log file from today.

DxO.PhotoLab.txt (593.8 KB)

Follow up: uninstalled PL5, reinstalled PL5.0.0, no problems exporting files.


Where can I get that version?

I still had the install file from back in October. I honestly wasn’t sure if it would install the older version or the newer version. I would hope DxO would make the 5.1 version available for us to revert back to, as 5.2 is unusable for me.

I’m on Win 10 21H2, NVidia GTX 1060 (6GB) and studio driver v 472.47 (german) – so far no problem.

Instead of Game-Ready-Driver v 497.29 check for the latest

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I thought about that, but I also play games so that solution will wait. Thanks for suggestion anyway. It may halo others.

To me, this sounds likely to be a hardware problem or, as jch2103 suggested, a driver problem. What exactly happens when the crash occurs? Do you see a blue screen or some other type of screen with an error report? Do you see anything in Event Viewer (look at the system and application logs around the time of the crash)?

If you can’t figure out the cause, I suggest ruling out the hardware by running stress tests using Prime95 for the CPU, memtest86+ for the RAM, and something like Furmark for the GPU. Also make sure your power supply is providing sufficient voltage to all parts by running something like CPUID HWMonitor.

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No BSOD or anything. Voltage is also sufficient (850 W). It would also give me a problem with MS Flight Simulator 2020 which is complex and is using CPU and GPU to 100 %. Also, I have no problem with Adobe programs, Luminar 4 or Capture One. I will try Prime95 & Memtest86. Thanks for the suggestions.

@Evildad can you share that version (5.0.0) with me? Over Dropbox or GDrive or WeTransfer?

I believe that that’s illegal. Please check the licensing agreement. Just saying.

I am not a lawyer but I would have said, as long as it is only the bare installation, without the licence, it should be OK as it would be the equivalent of the free trial.

If in doubt, ask DxO directly


You’re probably right @Joanna but it never hurts to ask.

I did post a ticket to DxO and asked for that version, but didn’t receive an answer jet. And I want to try if that would help me.

It’s almost 800MB and I don’t have that much Dropbox space available. LOL

It sure would be nice to have DxO acknowledge this issue, more than one of us is having it.

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I have all windows installers (releases) since v1.

Providing an installer isn’t against a EULA.

Let me know what build you want and I’ll share it.

Maybe, maybe not. A crash/reboot of the computer is a * * VERY * * different symptom than a frozen application that can be force-quit with the Task Manager. Unfortunately, when you have an application like PhotoLab that can really stress various components of a computer system, all sorts of problems not previously detected can suddenly show up.

It’s OK. I will have to wait for their response. Does anybody have experience with their support? How long till they reply?

They can be slow and I would think they have a big backlog from holiday and all the problems PL5 has created.

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I did a memory diagnostic and Furmark test. Both went through. For CPU I did a short test. It was also OK. I will run a longer one later as all of those take a long time.