New terms and conditions

v3.9.1. “After online activation, DxO PureRAW 3 can be used offline for 37 days before a connection to DxO’s servers is required. Notifications advising that a connection is needed will be displayed after 30 days”

I’m not sure how to feel about this or what the policy was. I just never like “updates” which are essentially a forced acceptance of new terms for something I’ve already paid for. I travel a lot, but usually for a month or less. But who wants to worry?

winter is coming… subscription that is…

Yep. That doesn’t sound right for a perpetual license.


one small step for T&C, one giant leap for the bottom line :moneybag:

To the extent of my knowledge, no DXO product(except for trials) has ever required an Internet connection except for activation at least back to Optics Pro 8.


I don’t remember the version numbers, but I used DxO when they ran a licensing engine with components that ran in the background. It was some OTS engine and I was happy when it met its demise.

Oh Oh, sounds I should get familiar with RawTherapie. I will not go for a subscription!