New Sub-sampling Option


The PL5 release notes, see extract below, say that there is a new sub-sampling option. My interpretation of the text is that when sub-sampling is disabled, more detail will be visible when viewing images at less than 75% in the editor; this may or may not be correct however.

Whatever it is, I can’t see a way to enable / disable this facility in Edit/Preferences.

Please can someone let me know whether my interpretation is correct and how to enable / disable sub-sampling.

Many thanks, Peter

In the Display tab of Preferences under Preview Quality there is a check box for Always prefer high quality previews.


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I don’t think the behavior when viewing at <75% has changed. However, with high quality previews you can drag adjustment sliders without the image in the viewer becoming blurry while the adjustment is applied.

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Thanks that confirms what I’m seeing i.e. that the image is still fuzzy when zoom is less than 75%. It’s a pity because this is the only significant issue I have with Photolab and the release notes made me hope that the behaviour had been changed.

Nonetheless it is still a great product and v5 does export DeepPrime more quickly than v4, which is very welcome.

Best wishes, Peter