New selective Tool

I’m using the trial version of Nik collection 3. I set preferences to launch the new tool automatically when I open Photoshop.

Why does the old selective tool appear?

Under the menu I have Selective tool and selective tool 2.

Why can’t I stop the old tool from launching?

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I am having the same issue, it keeps defaulting to the older select menu from Google (logo top left).

Very annoying to say the least, installed and deinstalled a few times, same results.

Anyone have a idea?

(Using Photoshop CS6 on this system, 10.11.6)


Same here. Only I have purchased the new version. Now I have two selective tools pop-ups. How to uninstall cleanly the precious version of Nik Collection? (Windows 10, Adobe Photoshop CC 2020)

Same problem here. I used the downloaded installer’s Uninstall option to uninstall all versions of my Nik collections in Photoshop 2019 and 2020 and also in Lightroom. Once they were uninstalled, I installed the new versions of Nik in all these applications. Nevertheless, I get two versions of the Selective Tool and only the old one opens even when I try the File>Automate>Selective Tool. Also in the plug-ins folder in Photoshop, both versions, the Nik collections are housed in a Google folder, not a DXO folder. That folder contains all of the collections except Perspective efex. Don’t know where that one was installed. I can access it and all the others in my Filter menu and they work just fine but I can’t get the Selective Tool to appear.

It’s also annoying that after completing the filters and choosing brush in order to use or save the layers in Photoshop, the old Nik Selective tool appears requesting me to click the apply button. How can I remove this old tool and just keep Selective Tool 2?

Do they care about the problem? I don’t see any response or solution to the problem. It is so annoying to see the old DxO selective tool popup on Photoshop, the new one is sleek. But, i don’t know how to get rid of old one. I sent money buying this and i expect DxO/Nik to respond and solve the problem.

If you require a response from DxO, it’s far better to submit a support ticket at This forum isn’t a substitute for that - more of a supplement.