New Release of DXO PureRAW 2 does not recognize my EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 L IS ii

After the 1/17/2023 update, DXO PureRAW 2 no longer recognizes my EF 100-400 L IS ii. It only presents me with two Sigma 100-400 lenses. I do not even own a Sigma lens. The software has worked wonderfully until now. I shot with a Cano R5 and R7 and this is my RAW converter or choice. What is up guys? I added a new laptop to my business and just loaded DXO PureRaw2 on it and it too does not recognize my EF 100-400L.

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@DxO_Support-Team – please take note

Hello, can you please create a ticket with DxO support via
You will be personnally assited there.