New presets for cropping or allow export to square chunks or enable snapping at entire numbers

In LR is possible to define weird proportions for the cut. For instance, if I have a panorama picture that I want to publish on IG, I’m making a gallery post and cut the picture in the corresponding proportion. But before publishing I’m trying to see which proportion of cut will look best. For instance I use often 3x1 but sometimes 5x1.
Of course I’d prefer to crop and export directly to 3 or 5 square chunks, so that I really don’t have any other work but posting. So ideally I’d just say export file to square segments (if it’s already cut to 5x1, it will generate 5 square chunks jpegs.).

But if that’s too much work, I’d use a custom ratio for cutting, which I can input directly, not select by mouse.
And if you don’t want to do it like in LR, you could snap at each entire number (unconstrained, but snapping at 3x2, 3x1, 2x1, etc.).

Hi Ioan,

Not sure if I understand. Could you create presets for your preferred crop ratios and use them?

I think the other idea was slicing the image. Something like that is built in in Affinity Photo Export Persona, for example. I wouldn’t vote for that in PL since I personally have no use for it.


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oh, hi Svetlana. I didn’t know it was possible. Yep, happy clam.

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